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Our private combined excursions are completely flexible and even your itinerary can be tailored to exactly what you want to see. As well as being able to adjust your itinerary on a private tour, you can also choose your own time for your tour, and how much time you spend at each attraction (if you want to cut your tour short, or extend your time, for example, we’ll adjust the price/waiting fee on the spot).


Český Krumlov, České Budějovice and Hluboká Castle (South Circuit)

Combined Private Tours

This trip combines a visit to three most beautiful south Bohemian places. First we stop in Hluboká castle for two hours, then have a quick one-hour visit to České Budějovice (or longer if you wish to visit the Budvar brewery, which must be pre-booked), and the highlight is a visit to the city of Český Krmulov for three hours.

Total duration 13 hours

Price (per per group): 1-4 persons CZK 6500

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Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně and Pilsner Brewery (West Circuit)

West Circuit

This trip combines a visit to three of the most beautiful west Bohemian places. First we visit Pilsen Brewery (two hours), then continue to the less well-known (but very nice) spa city Mariánské Lázně (two hours), and finish our excursion in the famous city of Karlovy Vary (three hours).

Total duration 12 hours

Price (per per group): 1-4 persons CZK 7000

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Kutná Hora + Sedleč Ossuary + Konopiště Castle (East Circuit)

East Circuit

This trip combines a visit to three of the most beautiful east Bohemian places. First we visit Koponiště castle (two hours), then we stop in the beautiful city of Kutná Hora (two hours) and our last stop will be Sedleč Ossuary (one hour).

Total duration 8.5 hours

Price (per per group): 1-4 persons CZK 3900

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Terezín + Mělník (North Circuit)

North Circuit

This trip combines a visit to the Terezín memorial (2.5 hrs) and the typical small Czech city of Mělník (2 hrs). Terezín is a memorial to the sad history of the Second World War. At that time Terezín was changed and turned into a Jewish Ghetto, and was used by the Nazis as a transit camp for Jews whose final destination was Auschwitz concentration camp. After visiting Terezín we head to the Mělník to get the feeling of how life is “behind” the Prague capital. Here you can visit Mělník castle, owned by the Lobkowicz family, and the old crypt (Mělník Ossuary) of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul. Finally Mělník is also a good place for an inexpensive lunch or dinner before heading back to Prague.

Total duration 6.5 hours

Price (per per group): 1-4 persons CZK 3300

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Combined Private Excursions

All our private tours include:

-> A standard vehicle: for groups of up to four people we use standard sedan vehicles, and for larger groups standard minibuses or buses. Price includes waiting fee at the destination and return transport back to your hotel. Once the driver has brought you to your destination, the price doesn’t include extra driving at the location (except to bring you to the chosen place where the driver will wait for you). Short stops on the way for toilets, refreshments are included.

-> An English-speaking driver: your driver will give you basic information about each destination on the tour. If you need more information, there is plenty more information available in the free brochures and maps from tourist information centres.

-> Optional tour guide

Private tours don’t include a tour guide unless you choose one when making your booking – this will incur an extra charged. Guides are available in German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and French. Guides are also counted towards your group size. For example if you are a group of four persons, and you wish to have a tour guide, price is counted as an excursion for five persons.

-> Prices

Prices for our private tours are quoted per vehicle group rather than per person, so you’ll pay the same price for a sedan vehicle group size (1 to 4 persons) and the same price for a minivan group size (5 to 8 persons), etc. Therefore, the more people you have in the group, the less each person will have to pay.